My Existence is beyond this reality,
And my reality is beyond this truth,
I am shining on this earth in between truth and reality.
I am Goddess of nature,
I am Goddess of mountains,
I am Goddess of earth shinning in thick and thins of life in perceptions of mind,
I awaken truth of heaven on earthly planes,
I awaken truth of me and you on the earth.

I am the one who resides in this existence but holding reality of ‘PARA LOKA’
I can give you truth to carry my light,
I can give you truth to carry abundance,
I am Goddess shinning in you in between earth and heaven.
Hold me in your heart and see me on bottom of your earth,
Rising in heart through bottom I give you my blessings to see truth of earth in between.
Breathe through bottom to see the truth,
Rest on heart to see the reality.
Sound of ‘LAM’ is eternal to awaken me.
I whisper in your heart, listen me,
Listen, Listen, Listen……..