Dance Of Freedom

Can I forsake God for my own Freedom?
Answer is YES!
God put me in cycle of many lives; cycle of birth and death.
and my dance of freedom is taking me towards self; which is God itself.

Can I forsake relationships for my own Freedom?
Answer is NO!

Relationships put me in bondage of do’s and don’t.
Relationship tells me you are worth of something and you are worthless.
My vulnerability in relationships, in love is mistaken by my weakness,
My surrender in love is mistaken by my weakness.
But in reality these weak moments reveal my inner dance towards freedom.
These moments allow me to forsake bondage, abandon this reality which is perspective of others.

So before I die from this body, let me have dance of my own freedom, as I am spirit in this body.
So let me abandon God and seek my inner dance of freedom.

There are many rituals for me from the society, but I am carrying my eternal truth.
My wings are not always visible , but let me have flight of my own freedom.

For some one I am mother or daughter,
For another person I am sister,
For someone I am wife, friend, mistress, another woman.
These are naming conventions for me, limited be conditioning of minds and body with I am born.

But I am carrying my own being, my own spirit in this body for the sake of my own revelations, for the sake of my of own dance.
I am dancing spirit in everywoman, so let me dance to the fullest until I leave this body, as my dance can’t be seen or heard by anyone I vanish in my body until I am unseen.
So let me have dance of my own freedom.

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